GiMeSpace Read More Ajax Loader for Joomla® 4.x

This plugin enables you to load articles right in place where your "read more" buttons and links are.
So if you are in a Category Blog view, your users can quickly see the whole articles without reloading a the whole new page.
It's possible to enable the option to also load articles in the Catergory List view.
You can also make your own readmore buttons. If, for example, you put this code in a module:

  <p>This text stays</p>
   <p>This text will be replaced</p>
    <p class="readmore">
     <a href="/blog/my_article" class="btn">Your readmore button text</a>

Make sure that your link is a local link starting with a "/". External links are not allowed, only local Joomla® links!

An example you can see in the module on the right, loading this article in that module. The Category Blog and Category List examples you can select from to top menu.

You can download this plugin for only $10

Download version 4 here for $10


GiMeSpace Read More Show Less Ajax Loader

It is also possible to have a "Show less" button on the bottom of the Ajax loaded article so it can collapse again to the original state before you clicked the readmore button.
An example you can see here on the main website of

You can download this plugin for only $15!

Download version 4.0 here for $15!

Please note that you can easily change the text on the "Show less" button by editing the gmsajaxloader.php file in the zip file. In line 78 you change the word "Close" word to your prefered text and zip everything again into a new zip file.



GiMeSpace Bootstrapped menu for Joomla® 3.x is still available for download here




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Fully following GPL License rules.
Fully following Joomla® License rules.

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The Joomla!® name and logo is used under a limited license granted by Open Source Matters the trademark holder in the United States and other countries.
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