GiMeSpace has two very useful Joomla extensions for you:

  • GiMeSpace BootStrapped Dropdown Menu - Adding the right attributes to you menu to show it in BootStrap Style - this extension you can download for free!
  • GiMeSpace BootStrap 3 loader - Plugin to convert your Bootstrap 2 template to Bootstrap 3 in real time - this extension you can download for free!
  • GiMeSpace Read More Ajax Loader - Load you articles right in the place where your readmore link/button is - you can download this extension for only $10!

GiMeSpace BootStrapped Dropdown Menu

supports multi level dropdowns and multicolumn dropdown on level 2. (See examples on top of this page)
This module will add the required code making a menu show correctly with twitter bootstrap since the standard menu in Joomla® 3.x is still not doing this...
For having multiple columns you need to enable this in the module and have separator menu items in you submenu where you want to split the menu to the next column.
The mobile "hamburger" menu button is part of most bootstrap templates. If your template is missing this hamburger menu then you add this html code yourself or you can download the modified version of this menu module here that is adding the correct html code. Please note that your template still has to load the correct bootstrap css and javascript to make this work!

Download version 3.5 here for free! Download modified version.

This is the recommended way to use bootstrap 3.x in your frontend template and still use bootstrap 2 in the backend:
- get the latest bootstrap files from
- move all the css files to /templates/yourtemplate/css/jui/
- move all the js files to /templates/yourtemplate/js/jui/
- Include these 2 lines within PHP tags above the <!doctype html> at the top of your template's index.php file (located inside /templates/yourtemplate/):

JHtml::stylesheet(Juri::base() . 'templates/yourtemplate/css/jui/bootstrap.min.css');
JHtml::script(Juri::base() . 'templates/yourtemplate/js/jui/bootstrap.min.js', 'bootstrap', true, false, true, true);

Or you can use the BootStrap 3 loader plugin:

GiMeSpace BootStrap 3 Loader

This plugin will change your BootStrap 2.x Template to BootStrap 3.3.5 by changing all the links and classes to the corresponding 3.3.5 versions.
To see this same page converted to BootStrap 3 click here.

Download version 3.3.5 here for free!

GiMeSpace Read More Ajax Loader

This plugin enables you to load articles right in place where your "read more" buttons and links are.
So if you are in a Category Blog view, your users can quickly see the whole articles without reloading a the whole new page.
It's possible to enable the option to also load articles in the Catergory List view.
You can also make your own readmore buttons. If, for example,  you put this code in a module:

  <p>This text stays</p>
    <p>This text will be replaced</p>
      <p class="readmore">
        <a href="/blog/my_article" class="btn">Your readmore button text</a>

Make sure that your link is a local link starting with a "/". External links are not allowed, only local Joomla® links!

An example you can see in the module on the right, loading this article in that module. The Category Blog and Category List examples you can select from to top menu.

You can download this plugin for only $10!

Download version 3.2 here for $10!